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Erhel, C. & Guergoat-Larivière, M. (2016) QuInnE Working Paper No. 3
Innovation and Job Quality Regimes:
A Joint Typology for the EU

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Muñoz-de-Bustillo, R., Grande, R. & Fernández-Macías, E. (2017)
QuInne Working Paper No. 4
An approximation of job quality and innovation using the 3rd European Company Survey.
Muñoz-de-Bustillo, R., Grande, R. & Fernández-Macías, E. (2016)
QuInne Working Paper No. 5
Innovation and Job Quality. An Initial Exploration.
Makó, C., Illéssy, M. & Warhurst, C. (2016)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 2
The Evolution of EU Innovation Policy Relevant to Job Quality and Employment
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Makó, C. & Illéssy, M. (2015)

QuInnE Working Paper No.1
Innovation policy review: National and European Experiences
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Jaehrling, Karen (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 6
Virtuous circles between innovations, job quality and
employment in Europe? Case study evidence from the
manufacturing sector, private and public service sector

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Duhautois, R. et al.(2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 7
The employment and job quality effects of innovation in France, Germany and Spain: evidence from firm-level data
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Gallie, D (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 8
Quality of work and innovative capacity:
Implications for social equality

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Mofakhami, M (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 9
Is innovation obsession good news for employees? How technology adoption and work organization practices transform job quality and working conditions
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Huzzard, Tony (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 10
Stakeholder engagement manual
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Warhurst, Chris , Mathieu, Chris
Keune, Maarten and Gallie, Duncan (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 11
Linking innovation and job quality:challenges and opportunities for policy and research
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Makó, Csaba and Illéssy, Miklós (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 12
Innovation as an engine for inclusive growth: significant challenges for policy learning on the eve of digitalisation
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Hunt W., Sarkar, S. & Warhurst, C. (2018)

QuInnE Working Paper No. 13
Innovation regime and vulnerable workers’ labour market inclusion and job quality
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Warhurst C., Erhel, C., Gallie, D., Guergoat-Larivière, M., Muñoz de Bustillo, R., Obersneider, M., Postels, D., Sarkar, S. and Wright, S.

QuInnE Working Paper No. 14
Data evaluation report:
An evaluation of the main EU datasets for analysing innovation, job quality and employment outcomes

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Other publications by project members



Ahlstrand R. (2013) Integrative strategy, competitiveness and employment: A case study of the transition at the Swedish truck manufacturing company Scania during the economic downturn in 2008- 2010 in Economic and Industrial Democracy published online 2 December 2013, pp 0(0) 1–21, DOI: 10.1177/0143831X13511345.
Ahlstrand R. (2010)

Social responsibility in connection with business closures: A study of the close-down of Ericsson Telecom facilities in Norrköping and Linköping in Economic and Industrial Democracy. 31 (4): 537-555.

Ahlstrand R. (2006)

Strategier i tiden. En studie av telekomföretaget Ericssons nedläggningar i Norrköping och Linköping [Strategies for the times: A study of Ericsson Telecom’s close-downs in Norrköping and Linköping]. Halmstad: Halmstad University. ISSN 1400-5409. 189 pp.

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Findlay P.,  Kalleberg A. L., & Warhurst C. ( 2013)

 The challenge of job quality.  Human Relations  66 (4): 441-451
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Findlay P., Warhurst C., Keep E. & Lloyd C. (2017)

Opportunity Knocks? The Possibilities and Levers for Improving Job Quality. Work and Occupations 44 (1) 3–22

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Gautié J. & Schmitt J. (eds) (2010)  Low Wage Work in the Wealthy World, Russell Sage Foundation:
Knox A., Warhurst C. & Pocock B. (2011)

Job Quality Matters, Industrial Relations Society of Australia SAGE Publications Ltd,:
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Knox A., Warhurst C., Nickson D. & Dutton E. (2015) More than a feeling: using hotel room attendants to improve understanding of job quality, The International
Journal of Human Resource Management,26:12, 1547-1567, DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2014.949818:
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Muñoz  de Bustillo R. & Fernández-Macias E. (2005) Job Satisfaction as an Indicator of the Quality of Work,
Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol. 34, pp. 656-673.
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Muñoz  de Bustillo R. et. al. (2009) Indicators of Job Quality in the European Union, European Parliament. Directorate General for Internal Policies. Policy Department A: Economic and Scientific Policy. Employment and Social Affairs. IP/A/EMP, PE 429.972
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Sissons P., Green A. & Lee N. (2017)

Improving Job Quality in Growth Sectors: A Review of the International Evidence. Public Policy Institute for Wales

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Warhurst C., Carré F., Findlay P. & Tilly C. (Eds) (2012)

Are Bad Jobs Inevitable? Trends, Determinants and Responses to Job Quality in the Twenty-First Century. Palgrave Macmillan

Warhurst, C. (2017)

Developing effective policy to improve job quality. Poverty 156

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